Backstabbing and Building a Village with Kieu Pham Gray

Episode Summary

A conversation about how women can be badass without tearing down other women.

Episode Notes

Kieu was such an inspiring guest to have. I seriously would have talked with her for hours. She is a jewelry maker and teacher who is a fireball when it comes to tenacity, dealing with the bullshit, and moving forward. Kieu has an amazing outlook on working together as women in business and in life.

Kieu and I chatted about:

  • What it means to be a village
  • Why women tend to talk shit about other women in business
  • How to overcome a horrible situation and make things better

This episode has a moderate F-Bomb Factor.

And tune-in to future episodes with Desiree and her friends.

Be sure to check out Kieu's videos on YouTube or visit her website at

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