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Balance and Fear in Motherhood with Hanifa Barnes

Balance and Fear in Motherhood with Hanifa Barnes

Episode Summary

A conversation about how balancing it all from motherhood, relationships and business to the challenges women of color are facing as mothers..

Episode Notes

This episode takes a hard look at the challenges women of color are facing as mothers. Now more than ever, mothers are scared for their children to walk down the street simply for being a person of color.

Hanifa and I discuss how the current affairs of the country, and the world are changing the conversations she’s having with her family and her friends. She’s also an amazing business woman who brings light and wisdom to the show about this myth of balancing motherhood, being a wife, running a business and now hosting her own podcast - Disrupting Balance.

Hanifa and I chatted about:

    • Why communication with your partner is more than just talking
    • Raising a family during a pandemic
    • How embracing the imbalance makes you better at feeling balanced
    • The eye-opening events that changed how we discuss current affairs with our children
    • How conversations with friends and co-workers are evolving (in a good way)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Hanifa’s Website - Disrupting Balance: www.disruptingbalance.com

My episode on Hanifa’s podcast - https://disruptingbalance.fireside.fm/003

About Hanifa

Hanifa is a speaker, decision strategist, and a seasoned executive with over 15 years of experience in personal and professional change management. She has a Law Degree AND an MBA but she Hanifa believes the most impactful experiences she has comes from living in constant pursuit of purpose. She takes joy in her ability to understand herself and embrace her unique imbalance. Hanifa is a Master Imbalancer.

This episode has a low to moderate F-Bomb Factor.

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