Death and Storytelling with Gael Gilliland

Death and Storytelling with Gael Gilliland

Death & Storytelling with Gael Gilliland

Episode Summary

A conversation about dealing with trauma and how to turn your experience with death into a timeless family story.

Episode Notes

Gael is a millennial mother of three who has had her fair share of traumatic experiences. She has multiple businesses including a co-working space, ghost writing and now she’s using her storytelling methods to help others create connections through inter-generational storytelling. Gael is real when it comes to telling it like it is. Her daily inspiration is enthusiastic and honest. Gael is a true female badass.

Gael and I chatted about:

    • Becoming a teenage mom
    • How death inspired her to become more unfiltered
    • The importance of letting others grieve in their own way
    • Why storytelling helped her heal

Resources mentioned in this episode:

The Legacy Recorder Website:

The Legacy Recorder Community Guide:

About Gael

Gael is fortunate to work with her lifelong passion. From a young age, Gael had the desire to master the written word and help people tell their stories. Her own life experiences in college, motherhood, marriage, and loss have fueled her own story and given it a colorful arc of ups and downs, of losing and finding herself, and of discovering the beauty in every person’s story. This is why she has made it her mission to get those stories down on paper before those stories fade.

This episode has a high F-Bomb Factor.

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