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What is Slightly Unfiltered?

What is this thing all about?

The idea for my own show has been swirling around my mind for a few years. I know I have a message to share. I want women to feel comfortable telling their stories and writing their own permission slips.

I want to create a community of badass women who feel inspired. And I have a strong desire to be like Oprah - famous for my mad interview skills and thought-provoking conversation.

But how's a girl with a potty mouth and a lack of desire to be like everyone else make a name for herself? Here's a hint: You're listening to it...

Slightly Unfiltered is candid conversations about womanhood and it's for women like you - moms, partners, working women, business owners, storytellers and ready to go after what YOU want.

I hope you enjoy these chats with some of my favorite female friends as we tell it like it is.

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