Gena Moyer

Permission Slips and Local Politics with Gena Moyer

Permission Slips & Local Politics with Gena Moyer

Episode Summary

A conversation about giving yourself a permission slip to shift in how you share your message & fuel your passion.

Episode Notes

Gena is an education advocate and when she decided to close down her direct sales business she felt there was more that she could do in her community to help fuel her passion. While voting for the school board she saw an empty seat and decided to write her name in. She’s the mother of a future female astronaut and a son who loves to play music. Oh and she runs a farm with her husband. Gena is nothing short of a badass mama who inspires women to take a chance and to not be afraid to adjust your sails when the wind blows. Gena and I chatted about:
    • Why it’s important for women to be involved in local politics
    • What it means to sit on a school board during a pandemic
    • Encouraging women to ask more questions
    • What it means to have an “impact business"
Resources mentioned in this episode:
Thunderbird Farm Website: Farm School: Jennie:

About Gena

Gena is a serial entrepreneur who is fueled by passion. Alongside her husband and kids, they have grown the family farm to be an impact business where they offer a safe, beautiful glamping side while showcasing the heritage of the local areas. She’s a creative who is devoted to her children, education and embracing change.

This episode has a moderate F-Bomb Factor.

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