Queer and Catholic with Ruth Stewart

Queer and Catholic with Ruth Stewart

Queer Catholic School Teachers and Coming Out with Ruth Stewart

Episode Summary

A conversation about what happens when a Catholic School Teacher from the UK comes out.

Episode Notes

Ruth was an absolute delight to have on the show. She is a UK transplant, now living in Canada with her wife and adjusting to all the things. She's an educator by profession and a writer by passion. (She's looking for a literary agent..hint hint).

Ruth and I chatted about

  • What it means to be queer in the workplace (and when coming out isn't the answer)
  • Why a young male boss didn't like her response to something he said (and what happened)
  • How getting older means getting more unfiltered when you're a woman

This episode has a moderate to high F-Bomb Factor.

And tune-in to future episodes with Desiree and her friends.

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