Slightly Unfiltered with Desiree Wolfe & Maria Grove

Tapping into an organizational mindset with Maria Grove, Professional Organizer & Mom


Show Notes

In this episode of Slightly Unfiltered, host Desiree Wolfe interviews Maria Grove, founder of Bliss This House, a professional home organizing service. They discuss Maria's background, how she balances multiple passions and jobs, the relationship between organization and anxiety, and tips for starting a business. Listeners can expect to learn organizing techniques to reduce stress, as well as advice on time management and finding a support system as an entrepreneur.

Main Discussion Points:
- Maria is a professional organizer, EMT, and mother who is also going to nursing school (00:03:26)
- She compartmentalizes her time so she can pursue multiple passions (00:05:24)
- Using organization to manage anxiety; tips like breaking tasks into small pieces (00:11:53)
- Childhood experiences that sparked Maria's interest in organizing (00:17:15)
- Dealing with unsupportive partners while building a business (00:19:38)
- The importance of finding a tribe and coaches for entrepreneurial support (00:22:00)

Guest Bios:
Maria Grove is the founder of Bliss This House, a professional home organizing business. She transforms homes and teaches organizational habits. Maria is also an EMT pursuing a nursing degree.

Key Quotes:
"I think humans can have more than one interest and humans can be more than one thing." (00:05:46)

"Using organization to reduce anxiety...she contacted me before. She was in a an anxiety attack...we sat for an hour, and we went through her closet. And...her anxiety was lower." (00:13:39)

"I wanted to work with someone who was always messy because they feel like they can identify with them. And I hate to tell people that I was always organized." (00:17:24)

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bliss This House Website:

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