Episode Notes

Maria Grove is a certified professional home organizer.   She's not into "Pinterest worthy closets" - her mantra is "real people live here" and she organizes for them.  She is a wife, mom and certified EMT.  Maria runs a chaotic home full of teens and pets - so she gets it.  In this episode she shares real tips, tricks and inspiration for a less stressful home

Maria and I chatted about:

  • How to overcome procrastination and overwhelm when it comes to organizing your home
  • Going after your dreams when your spouse isn’t onboard
  • Stepping away to encourage a breakthrough
  • Why small steps bring big joy

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bliss This House Website: https://www.blissthishouseblogs.com/

This episode has a medium F-Bomb Factor. 💣💣💣

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