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Calm The F*ck Down Sage & Cypress Candle (Hand Poured 4 oz)

Calm The F*ck Down Sage & Cypress Candle (Hand Poured 4 oz)

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"Calm The Fuck Down" candle - the tiny miracle worker that's here to turn your stress into a puff of fragrant smoke! Picture this: a serene ambiance, the gentle flicker of a cotton wick, and the soothing embrace of hand-poured coconut soy wax, all while the wax color remains as natural as your urge to scream into a pillow. No dyes, no drama - just pure, unadulterated tranquility.

Measuring at a perfectly pint-sized 4 ounces, it's the perfect companion for those moments when life has you teetering on the edge. Worried about lead and zinc? Fret not, because our wick has got your back. With a burn time of approximately 20 hours, this candle will make your stress melt faster than ice cream on a summer day. So go ahead, treat yourself or a friend to the gift of chill, because who needs chaos when you can just "Calm The Fuck Down" with a scent-sational flicker?

Wax Color: Natural (No Dyes)
Wick Material: Cotton (Lead and Zinc free)
Wax Material: Hand-Poured Coconut Soy Wax Made in the USA
Size: 4 oz.; 2.25" (W or Diameter) x 2.75" (H with lid), 7.5" (Circumference)
Burn Time Approx. 20 Hours
Hand Poured in the USA

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